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Sometimes people do not remind their past and origins, especially when they achieve professional goals. The opposite occurred instead to the Italia Autentica founding managers. They first met in 2013 during a workshop planned by a local bank at one of the most stunning places of the valley: the Celestinian Abbey near Sulmona. They always showed elective affinities amongst them. During the conference “From the project to the action. Locally acting in a global way”, they decided to avoid economics or marketing lessons in the workshop but started thinking about the economic development of the territory: creating a collaboration and sharing project with local businesses. In 2014, they are awarded by their homeland for their commitment towards the territory. Thanks to their dedication and a climate of collaboration with local manufacturers, they managed to start Italia Autentica project, achieving their aim. Their passion for the project, their commitment, the beauty and spontaneity of people from Abruzzo have involved in the project other great sector professionals. Although someone has not his origins in Abruzzo, they have immediately shown interest in supporting the project and achieving concrete results.


Roberto Marinucci

Hygiene and personal care multinational corporate Chief Executive Officer.

Philosophy graduated. Thanks to his professional skills and obstinacy he has become Chief Executive officer of a multinational corporation, world leader in hygiene and personal care sector. Great marketing expert, he helped to spread big brands which daily people use worldwide. He has been honoured with important awards throughout his career. He has also decided to take care of homeland people in order to help them get know and spread the traditions he has also experienced since he was a child.

Maximo Ibarra

Telephone goods sector Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.

Political and Economic sciences graduated, he has later specialized in the field of telecommunications. He has become one of the symbols of the telephone goods sector thanks to his skills. Eminent professor, he compares himself to new generation to whom he teaches marketing rules for a brilliant professional growth. His idea of business, that follows the market, has pushed him to help people from his homeland in order to give them an innovative symbol in which culture and everyday life of authentic people can mix with modernity.

Silvio Lancione

General Manager of one of the most rooted and active local banks

Graduated in Economics and Business, he has started his career in the banking sector achieving a prominent role in one of the most rooted banks of the territory. Thanks to his awareness, he is able to understand people’s need and find out suitable solutions. He daily lives and compares himself to local realities where people are authentic and everyday activities are simple and genuine. He deeply knows the Abruzzo territory and its people. He always tries to support local projects which want to develop local excellences.


International fashion brand Chief Executive Officer.

Graduated in Economics and Financial Sciences and Political Sciences, he has gained experience in different sector companies to finally stand out in the field of fashion. Great expert of foreign markets where he has run some company branches, he is able to manage International relations with people from all over the world. The real Made-in-Italy enhancing is the aim he tries to preserve and daily spread in the fashion field. The authentic tastes of his land, smells, colours he cannot find in other cultures, urge him to be an active part of the excellences enhancing, in which Abruzzo is rich. This is the real Made-in-Italy.