The territory

The story starts from here.
We start from valle Peligna

The story starts from here

The “Valle Peligna” is located in the heart of Abruzzo. It has been inhabited since ancient times by people who found a unique beauty in its rugged landscape. Even Pope Celestine V in his youth stayed at the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria in Faifoli in an isolated cave in the Monte Morrone, which overlooks and protects the valley. Homeland of the Peligni, ancient Italic people, the town of Corfinium was the capital of the Italian League, the alliance of Italic people, who rose up against Rome in 91 B.C. Here a gold coin with the word ITALIA was coined. The town of Sulmona is located in this valley. It is the homeland of many eminent representatives of cultural life and an important art and historical town of national interest. The valley is rich in villages, which have their own unique history. When walking along the streets, visiting their churches and tasting their local products, it is possible to see that culture, history and food create a perfect union with nature and the genuine and authentic welcome from local inhabitants. Italia Autentica was born in this valley but its purpose is to grow, by involving in the project food and wine excellences manufacturers of the whole region and, later, of Italy.



Italia Autentica has found its best cradle in this territory rich in history and undiscovered beauties, where the connection to the origins is daily reminded in everyday actions and where people work and live in the respect of their homeland which they love and protect.