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Margiotta farm lies in the heart of the Majella National Park, in the valley described by the Latin poet Ovid in his Amores (43 B.C. – 18 A.D.) a territory rich in history and tradition always consecrated to viniculture.

Today Silvio and Carlo, father and son, lead the business. They have had a great heritage from the family concerning knowledge and passion for viniculture. They are able to put the heart of the land and the culture of a population in every single drop of wine, so that their farm is one of the most dynamic businesses in Abruzzo.

The family-run Margiotta farm grows 10 hectares of land with local vines mixing the ancient farm spirit with constant research and innovation.

In order to preserve grapes’ quality, the harvesting is still made by hand under the winemakers’ care who check all stages of production. An excellence made with passion, spontaneity and dynamism.

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The dedication that the farm shows making its own wine, able to express past genuineness in its taste, is also in the name the farm has given to its products.

The FERAX wines are the flagship products of the Margiotta winery. The name FERAX, “Terra ferax Cereris multoque feracior uvis”, means “Ceres land’s gift rich and fruitful in grapes” (Amores, 11,16, 1-2).

This is how the poet Ovid used to describe Valle Peligna: Ferax, that is fertile and fruitful, especially for grape quality and quantity, main product of the territory.

In honour of the poet the Ferax wines are made. They are only produced from local vine varieties and are the symbol of proud people and a generous land.


Azienda Agricola Margiotta Carlo Mario - 67035 Pratola Peligna (AQ)


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