Raw materials selection, salt, local and typical spices and great manual skills.
These are the ingredients of Peschetola norcine salami production, in addition to waiting for a perfect seasoning.
All products are preservative, colouring, gluten, nitrite or nitrate free.
We are in Cupello, a small agricultural hamlet in the province of Chieti, between Sinello and Trigno valleys, where agriculture and breeding are so important.

Its climate is perfect for local food production like cured meat. Respect for tradition also means enhancing unique ingredients coming from the territory.
Crushed red chilli, grown and sun-dried by local farmers, is one of the secrets of cured meat and above all of Peschetola ventricina.
Amongst their specialities, in addition to ventricina, there are: sweet and hot red sausage, black pepper sausage, liver sausage, fillet, bacon wrapped, bacon and lard.

Our products


It is an atypical, very ancient cured meat, coming from northern and central Vasto area.
It comes from the ancient tradition to keep big pork pieces in the pig’s belly.

It was highquality meat for local farmers and it is still now considered the symbol of a territory.
This cured meat is made from the processing of prosciutto, shoulder, loin, a small quantity of bacon and flavoured with salt, pepper, crushed sweet “corno di capra” pepper and wild fennel seeds and finally put into natural casing.

It is bound with a big twine and hung up in order to season for at least 120 days. Ventricina texture is quite big, slightly irregular and bright red in colour. It is a Slow Food product.


Peschetola - Via Antonio Gramsci, 29 - Cupello (CH)


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